Who we are



Hope Connections aims to...

Our aim is to build and establish a good relationship with local communities.
To assist the communities and to help them improve their lives through various community development and educational projects.
To provide educational opportunities for children in the remote rural areas. To build easily accessible schools and boarding dormitories, to provide educational materials and qualified instructors and teachers and to grant scholarships and higher education opportunities.
To promote development projects for underprivileged communities such as clean water project, basic health aid, social enterprise grants, vocational training program and disaster relief assistance.
To offer other unique projects that will open a wide variety of opportunities for the children such as; overseas exchange programs, future leaders training program, talent development program and inter-cultural/ multi-national community projects.

— Our Mission

Improving the quality of life, such as value change, education, the environment and the economy, through the most appropriate form of support for the community.

— Our Vision

To give hope to people and to be a facilitator of a better life, through and with the partnerships and support of other organizations, groups and foundations across the globe.

— Our Strategies

To conduct these missions, we will proceed to Thailand and neighboring Indochina regions and consider the following factors.

  • Sketching the needs of the site and developing strategies
  • Identify and apply basic education and health factors first
  • Considering the economic and environmental elements of the community
  • Effective progress through cooperation and networks with similar organizations
  • Progress toward sustainability of the quality of life on their own
  • Influence what happens to the change in the eyes of the world itself


Thailand and other neighboring countries have the many tribal people groups in the world. There are many people who migrate to survive, such as war, persecution, conflict, poverty, and lack of education. They do not see the future. There is no hope for them. However, it is their wish to earn that day and eat and live that day repeatedly. Many of them are uneducated, living in very low wages, lacking necessities, deteriorating water quality, electrical facilities and education.

Our organization has not been around a long time formally, but we have have combined experience in Thailand 26 years. We want to help about their needs, fears and aspirations and give them hope. The most basic education, health, and self-reliance are the hope of this world.

The Hope Connections Foundation is working as a stepping stone to hope through contacts, contacts, and collaboration with other organizations to discover needs, develop strategies and implement them.


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