Who we are



Hope Connections aims to...

Our aim is to build and establish a good relationship with local communities.
To assist the communities and to help them improve their lives through various community development and educational projects.
To provide educational opportunities for children in the remote rural areas. To build easily accessible schools and boarding dormitories, to provide educational materials and qualified instructors and teachers and to grant scholarships and higher education opportunities.
To promote development projects for underprivileged communities such as clean water project, basic health aid, social enterprise grants, vocational training program and disaster relief assistance.
To offer other unique projects that will open a wide variety of opportunities for the children such as; overseas exchange programs, future leaders training program, talent development program and inter-cultural/ multi-national community projects.

— Our Mission

● to identify and evaluate the needs of the local community
● to focus mainly on education to equip the community with the ability to improve their lives
● to connect and partner with other organizations and agencies to provide a wider network of support for the community.

— Our Vision

Our main objective is to provide hope through helping the community. With the partnership and support of other organizations, groups and foundations across the globe; we will create a dynamic and life changing impact in Asia. We will empower and equip disadvantaged Asians to help them build a brighter future for generations to come.

— Our Values

Using our talents and best abilities to help others
Sharing, giving and serving others from the heart with real love and concern
High respect and regard for all people and culture
Upholding equality and justice in all that we do
Observing honesty, transparency and integrity in all our works
Taking initiative and personal commitment to fulfill our works
Being passionate and joyful in all that we do
Being a blessing as we are blessed


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