English in the mountains

English in the mountains

We regularly visit our partner school in northwestern Chiang Mai for English in the mountains activities

Location: North-western Thailand

The situation of school

  • The school has 600 students and around 100 boarding students from around Thailand
  • Many boarding students are from disadvantaged situations or problem areas and require relocation
  • Most of all, they are eager for education.

Their needs

  • Educational facilities and teachers for young children
  • Thai and English, other vocational education
  • Sometimes clothes, vitamins, educational materials

Efforts to Solve Problems

  • Regular visits and educational as available
  • Short-term volunteers provide school supplies, clothes and daily necessities
  • Preparation for students for life after school in the local area or further educational opportunities in other locations.

Other ways to apply

  • Clothes, daily necessities, school supplies, toys, fans, snacks and meals
  • Educational support and educational materials
  • Subsidies for basic drugs, nutritional supplements, and regular health checkups
  • Support for training centers

Ultimate goals

Helping students to become self-reliant through education

To live a better life with true values and to become a healthy facilitator

Photo by Hope Connections Foundation