Education Center

Educational center for children and youths

Three camps of Myanmar workers and 150 children and adolescents

Location: Northern Thailand

The situation of camp

  • Migration to Thailand due to civil war, persecution, persecution and poverty in Myanmar
  • Most of the migrants in the three camps are simple laborers.
  • Most of them lack basic education
  • Living at the lowest wage
  • Living in harsh environments such as drinking water, showers and toilets
  • Some children are not Thai and cannot attend school
  • Most of all, they are eager for education.

Their needs

  • Educational facilities and teachers for young children
  • Shower and water purification facilities
  • Thai and English, other vocational education and hygiene education
  • Old clothes, vitamins, educational materials

Efforts to Solve Problems

  • Visited camps to provide snacks and provide small education for young children
  • Short-term volunteers provide school supplies, clothes and daily necessities
  • Limitation of education due to lack of education place
  • Urgent places for teaching children and teenagers in three camps in one place

Other ways to apply

  • Clothes, daily necessities, school supplies, toys, fans, snacks and meals
  • Educational support (language, early childhood education), educational materials
  • Subsidies for basic drugs, nutritional supplements, and regular health checkups
  • Support for training centers

Ultimate goals

helping them to become self-reliant through education

To live a better life with true values and to become a healthy facilitator

Photo by Hope Connections Foundation

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